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Robinn Lange’s MINDPOWER Memory Workshops are available to all school grades 3 - 12. The SchoolBoy.jpgWorkshops are an excellent way to enhance and apply the methods and materials offered in the Assembly program or live entertainment performance.

The MINDPOWER Memory workshops are designed as a hands-on experience to further understand the different levels of Memory and how to condition or “train” our Memory for optimum results.  Several additional methods and elements are provided in the Workshop that are not included in the Assembly presentation or live performance.
RSWomensConf.jpgThe MINDPOWER Memory Workshops include a workbook complete with descriptions, breakdowns, applications and exercises for maximum achievement and results.

Workshops are designed to follow the Assembly program and can be for individual classes or entire grade levels. Multiple workshops are also available. Workshop may run the length of a class period or are available in half-day or full-day lengths.

The material included in the MINDPOWER Memory Workshops is useful, applicable information that can be easily applied to all subjects or classes.

Get The Most Our Of Your MINDPOWER Memory Experience With Our Hands-On Workshops


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