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A variety of services are required to produce a successful event. Our staff works diligently to provide these services throughout each every step of the process to assure that you receive the highest quality production.
These are just a few of the services we provide for every event:
Preliminary Services
  • Direct consultation with each client to establish specific goals and objectives
  • Review current marketing and promotional materials or campaign prospectus
  • Create the presentation concept and theme
  • Present production and support elements for client approval
  • Provide specs and layout with exhibit builder 
Creative & Custom Services
  • Develop and write a customized script based on the client's campaign, product, service or promotional message
  • Create an interactive presentation contact card to be utilized and completed by attendees during each presentation or show
  • Produce all presentational medias and graphics for the presentation
  • Design stage area graphics for presentation
  • Produce any special materials, props or supplements to support the presentation
  • Create and produce custom promotional giveaway premiums
  • Provide custom gift giveaways featuring clients message or logo for all attendees participating on stage
  • Provide a grand prize to be awarded during each presentation or event 
  • Present final presentation to our provided assistant for review and rehearsal
Pre-Production Services
  • Arrive at exhibit site 1-2 days prior to the opening of the trade show for set-up and rehearsal
  • Counsel the exhibit company/crew with stage set-up
  • Provide, (if requested) set-up and test sound system
  • Test any video and projection systems
  • Meet with the clients exhibit staff to discuss their role and participation in the presentation and review support materials
  • Meet with any assistants, crowd gatherers, hostesses, models, or others providing presentational support services to provide overview and expectations of their participation 

Production/Presentation Services
  • Arrive sixty minutes prior to time of first presentation
  • Final meeting/review with exhibit staff and additional presentational support personnel
  • Perform 5-7 presentations per day. Each presentation will run about 18 minutes (15-18 minutes)
  • Conduct a post-show meeting at the end of the first day of the event to review results

Robinn Lange Offers Complete Customization
And Presentation Support

- Scripting - Production - Audio/Visual
- Staff And Assistants Briefing & Preparation
- Promotional Giveaways


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