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In order to insure maximum impact and results the client shall provide:
1. A presentation theater area consisting of a raised performance stage at least 18" high, and measuring a minimum of 15' x 15.' 
2. A presentation podium constructed to our provided specifications.
3. Professional quality sound system with two hand-held wireless microphones (each on an independent frequency), one wired hand-held microphone, one microphone stand and appropriate size mic clip/holder, minimum of two full-range  speaker enclosures mounted or elevated, six channel mixer, and an amplifier capable of a minimum rating of 400 watts. All necessary extension cords, patch cables and audio adapters are also required.
4. 1-4 (depending on attendance and size of show) assistants/models to assist before, during and after each presentation. 
5. Travel and lodging accommodations. 
Other accessories or materials may be expected depending on the venue and show specifications.
We may be able provide sound system and microphones, and assistant/models upon request at a minimal cost.


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